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We all want to lead a healthy and disease free life without falling prey to various illnesses. However, despite taking the best of safety measures we do end up getting sick once in a while. It’s on times like this that the expert advice of a doctor is needed. But often it becomes hard to find the right doctor and medical facility for you and your family.


Cumberland Family Practice in Fayetteville, NC is your trusted primary care facility. We offer comprehensive family medical care for the entire family and are proudly serving Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding areas. Our practice consists of Dr. Gary Garison, MD, and his certified personal assistant Ngoc-Tuyen Tran.


See what one of our patients has to say about us:


Hard To Beat Garg and Garison as a Team


“Dr. Garg I have seen two times in Raeford where she was hooked up with V. Farmer, PAC. While they were short visits, she was nice, professional and answered all my questions. Dr. Gary Garison is my main man. He has been my doctor for over 20 years and has really saved my life twice. Once when I was seeing another doctor that rented the other side of his office building and he was scared and did not know what to do, and Dr. Garison came over and told wife he would take care of me. He did. I was in hospital for 28 days and seen by him sometimes twice a day. He saved my life as i was very sick with what he found out was COPD and if he had not taken care of me then and found right meds/breathing therapy i would not be here now. He also saved me a second time when in ICU from back surgery, had heart problem developed. He left his practice (had been coded) came to ICU and got me started on right meds. He is kind, professional, team player, listener, GREATTTTTTT DOCTORRRRRRR”. - Devildogs5440, 01/01/2011


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